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The Blood Type Diet

This diet is a complete scam, has absolutely no scientific basis, but has a concept so interesting it’s worth including if only to give an idea of how crazy diets …

The Chocolate Diet

Bob Greene’s Total Body Makeover

The Chicken Soup Diet

The South Beach Diet


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Best Protein Pills for Weight and Muscle Gain

The Best Protein Pills to Supplement Diet Just like weight loss weight gain is also a difficult task as putting on some extra pounds is not easy for everyone. Many …

Best Pre-Workout Supplement for Women

Weight gain


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Dieting to prevent osteoporosis

Problem: Osteoporosis is the weakening of the bone because of a loss in bone mass. You don’t notice it happening, there are no symptoms, and by the time you detect …

Dieting to prevent or heal arthritis

Dieting to prevent or heal Migraines


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Best Egg White Protein Powder You Can Buy Online

The Best Egg White Protein Powder Many people are taking egg white protein powder to make them strong and boosted just like Whey Protein powder. If you are also interested …

Diet and Vitamin supplements

Snacking without guilt


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Issues Faced by Over-Weighted People

Being over-weighted is already a severe problem faced by many people around us. Approximately more than 1.9 billion adults are obese according to the data taken in 2016. This world …

Top 5 Tips for Healthy Weight Management

Top 7 causes of Drug Addiction