The Sugar Busters Diet

As the name suggests, you remove sugar from your diet so take one last look at apple pie ala mode, and say goodbye. Sugar supposedly produces insulin, and insulin blocks efforts to lose weight. Instead, you are encouraged to follow a strict diet that is 30% protein, 40% fat, and 30% carbohydrates. Red meat, poultry, fish, nuts, and dairy are allowed, and whatever you eat, you need to cook it in olive oil. That is not such an unsavory proposition most people will eat that anyway, and olive oil adds a nice flavor to the dish.

Unless, of course, you are used to eating your meals with pasta, white bread, potatoes, and white rice. You can replace it with oats, whole grain bread, and whole-wheat pasta.

The diet, which lasts 14 days, is relatively easy to follow since you don’t have to drastically divert from the meals you are used to. It’s the sugar you’ll miss and studies are unclear as whether or not insulin can cause weight gain in the first place.

But even if the premise is a little faulty, it won’t hurt to cut back on sugar anyway. Insulin notwithstanding, many sugary foods are high in calories. Many of its dietary suggestions are actually nutritionally sound. Whole grain bread and whole wheat pasta are high in fiber and feel heavier in the stomach, so you are less likely to binge. Even if you don’t decide to follow the diet in its entirety, you can benefit from some of its suggestions.

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