Snacking without guilt

It’s unavoidable. You’ll get the munchies once in a while, especially if you are on an exercise program and are burning more calories than you’re used to. The important thing is that you reach for something that is high-fiber, low-salt and low-fat. Fiber will leave you feeling full, so you end up eating less. Fat carries more calories per gram than other food group, and most of the readily available snacks are loaded with them.

Try to make your snacks from scratch. Since you know the ingredients, you’re more in control of what you put in your mouth. Try some of these:

Try some of these:

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables. Most people love potato chips because of the crunch. Get the texture, without the nasty oil or salt, with carrot sticks, turnip sticks, celery sticks, or apples.
  • Low-fat dip. Scour the internet for recipes. Many of them use fat-free yoghurt, low-fat silken tofu, or fat-free mayonnaise. Great for dipping carrot sticks in!
  • Dried fruit
  • Home made trail mix. Toss together raisins, raw unsalted almonds, sunflower seeds, chocolate chips and small pretzels
  • Yogurt
  • Popcorn (unsalted)
  • Cinnamon apples. Cut a medium sized apple in half. Throw out the core, and put one half in a bag in the refrigerator for another day. Break the remaining piece into small pieces, and place in bowl. Add 1 tablespoon of low calorie vanilla yogurt. Sprinkle with cinnamon. Add four chopped walnut halves and stir together.
  • Skinny Shake. Pour 1/2 cup of skim milk into a blender. Add 1 banana, broken into pieces, and 1 to 2 packets of sugar substitutes. Mix at high speed until smooth, dropping ice cubes into the mixture until you’ve reached the desired consistency. For variation, add fresh or frozen strawberries, chocolate syrup to taste, crushed pineapple, or a fresh peach.
  • Baked potato chips. They are healthier than french fries!
  • Sugar-free jello
  • Bean bites. Open a can of garbanzo beans, wash, and then rinse. Lay them on to a tray or cloth and wait for them to dry. Place the beans in a resealable bag along and toss with garlic powder, parsley or any combination of favorite spices. Make sure all the beans are fully coated. Put the bag on a cooking sheet and bake in the oven at 150 degrees or until dry. Place in a tight container tastes like corn nuts!

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