Issues Faced by Over-Weighted People

Being over-weighted is already a severe problem faced by many people around us. Approximately more than 1.9 billion adults are obese according to the data taken in 2016. This world is now being crowding rapidly with obese people, and there are many reasons behind this thing. Obesity is the mother of many diseases, and all those diseases arise from it. The following are the top listed diseases that people face due to obesity.

  • Heart diseases: Over-weighted people are highly at risk of heart disease. It is because of the fats that accumulate in their body and can block the veins and arteries through which the blood passes. The blockage may result in a heart attack.

  • Diabetes: This disease attacks first on the body of an obese person. The fatty acids present in the body may cause improper function. As a result, the body becomes unable to synthesize proper hormones like glycolic acid and insulin that make a perfect balance between the body sugars. Due to this, an over-weighted person faces diabetes.

  • Joint pains: A person who is obese, means his body mass and weight is not normal; there are chances that he can go through severe joint pains. The extra weight puts more pressure on the joints in comparison to the bearable weight. As a result, the ligaments in the joints damages, and sometimes because of that weight, ligament gets removed, which results in abrasion. The joints become swollen, and the obese person is unable to walk.

  • Blood pressure: obese people also have issues of blood pressure. Both high and low blood pressure is injurious in cases. And a risk becomes high when the person is over-weighted.

  • Liver diseases: liver diseases can also be faced by obese people when fats get accumulated on the liver.

  • Kidney diseases: kidney diseases like kidney stones, urine problem, and obesity (fatty acid accumulation)

  • Insomnia:  irregular sleep movements, insomnia is also one problem that ever-weighted people face and go through it.

There are many reasons why people get overweighed in a short period. In the world, the death percentage of over-weighted people is much more than under-weight people. Because they face too many harmful diseases that are all linked and affect the whole body. People are gaining weight because of the lifestyle that we all people are following, the same hectic routines of the office going the same thing from 9-5, sitting on the chair in front of computers.

Humans are now living the lives of machines and are now more close to the disease. The second thing that is the significant cause of obesity is unhealthy food that we all are in love with. Junk food is now trending and available everywhere, next to your doorstep. Eating junk food daily aids in gaining more weight.

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To wrap it up

Over-weighted people face all the physical abuses, and then they are not relaxed mentally. And also face severe depressions. In this case, people around them should help and support to lose weight and live a healthy life.

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