Full Liquid Diet

Full Liquid Diet includes foods that are liquid at room temperature and also semi-solid foods. Full Liquid Diet is prescribed after Clear Liquid Diet. It is given to patients who have difficulty in chewing and/or swallowing and/or unable to digest solid foods. Full Liquid diet is given for 2-3 days. If used for longer periods, nutritional supplements are given. Cream soup, broth, juices, milk, coffee, tea, ice cream, refined cooked cereal porridge is given.

Sample Full Liquid Diet

Time Meal Amount
7:00 AM Milk 1 Glass Without Sugar 150 mL
8:30 AM Wheat Crack Porridge (Daliya) 150 mL
10:00 AM Orange Juice 100 mL
12:00 noon Watery Khichadi 150 g
3:00 PM Coconut Water 200 mL
4:00 PM Seethaphal Milk Shake 150 mL
6:00 PM Vegetable Soup 150 mL
7:30 PM Rice Kanji 150 mL
9:30 PM Hot milk 150 mL

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