Bob Greene’s Total Body Makeover

This program isn’t so much about eating the right food, but developing the right attitude towards food. Why do you overeat? What does that second extra helping of dessert represent to you a reward, a way to escape a problem, a reaction to a stressful day? He argues that once we understand our habits we can begin to change them, and create a much healthier lifestyle and mental attitude where we don’t depend on food to make us feel good.

If it sounds like something Oprah would say, it’s probably because she has said it. Bob Greene is her personal trainer, and she has been raving about the results. Although the popularity isn’t just due to her endorsement. Its no-nonsense, practical approach to dieting, eat only when you are hungry, savor every bite, and choose healthy food that isn’t packed with empty calories is sound advice, and can be adapted by anyone looking for a healthier lifestyle.

Many psychologists also praise the focus on self-awareness, and analyzing the emotional reasons behind weight issues. Since several studies have linked obesity, eating disorders, and sudden weight fluctuations to poor self-esteem and negative body images, the approach can help give women the emotional breakthrough to really commit to a better lifestyle.

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