Hollywood Diet aka Grape Fruit Diet

Hollywood Diet also known as Grape Fruit Diet or Mayo Clinic Diet (however not associated with the Mayo Clinic) is a popular quick weight loss regime developed in 1930 in USA.  Hollywood diet mainly emphasize on consuming Half Grape Fruit or Grape Fruit Juice with every meal.  However the caloric intake per day should be less tan 800 calories.

It is believed that Grape Fruit has a magical substance and when Grape Fruit is consumed with proteins, it triggers fat burning and thereby promotes weight loss.  However the process by which the magical substance burns body fat is unclear.  Generally, Grape Fruit Diet is followed for 12 days and during this period of dieting, the dieter loses 10 pounds approximately.  If the dieter wishes to continue to the weight loss regime, he or she needs to take a break of 2 days and then continue Grape Fruit Diet for 12 more days.  Exercise is suggested by some nutritionist prescribing Grape Fruit Diet.


  • Grapefruit juice must be unsweetened.
  • The dieter must drink plenty of water.
  • Should drink black coffee.
  • Can consume eggs and unlimited meat.
  • Can consume salad dressings, butter, and can even consume fried products.
  • Cannot consume alcohol.
  • No starchy vegetables.

Although Grape Fruit Diet is very popular but there is no clear scientific base of how grape fruit helps in reducing weight by burning fat.

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